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Combining style and functionality, the Tacheng casement windows are the favorites amongst architects for modern and traditional buildings alike. Streamlined profiles elevate the aesthetic sense while maintaining rigidity in weatherproofing.

High quality, wind pressure resistance, airtight, watertight, soundproof features.
Stainless 4-bar hinge allows an easy and smooth adjustment of opening angles.
45o angle joint of sash is firmly sealed through high quality material to ensure tightness and flatness.
Insert dual weather stripped between frame and sashes to ensure watertight, airtight and soundproof capabilities.
The drainage of frame and sashes uses hidden design which conceals it from direct contact with wind, ensuring the watertight capability regardless of wind pressure.
Choices of 70mm, 80mm, or 100mm depth on the frame.
Multi-point locking mechanism hardware is available.