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Louvers add a distinct look and feel to any building or home while providing excellent ventilation and concealing areas that might obstruct the overall appearance, such as motors and air conditioners. Tacheng louvers enhance the aesthetic feeling of buildings by allowing more creative and exciting designs from the architects, yet remain exceptionally resistant against tough weather. In addition, they have easy maintenance, are quick to install, and have high customization possibilities for customers to specify personal design choices. Both fixed and adjustable louvers are available from Tacheng.

Enhanced hollow design of aluminum alloy, which strengthens structure and supports heat, flame, and high wind pressure resistance capabilities.
Configurable slats adjustable to all angles, which helps maintain air circulation.
Addition of airtight strips between slats to enhance airtight capability (for adjustable louvers only).
Slats are made of 304 "Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel" (for adjustable louvers only).
Composite-material slats are available for better light efficiency.