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Curtain wall design has become the leading choice in contemporary architecture around the world. Due to its accuracy, safety, and swiftness in installment, along with its ability to illustrate the grandeur of high-rise constructions, it has gradually replaced the complicated and troublesome traditional external walling designs and has become the choice of architects for urban and modern constructions. Curtain wall design fully depicts the appearance and blossoming of today’s modern cities. Coordinated with the designs of architects, it is able to represent corporate culture and image as well.

Besides fulfilling the needs and requirements of clients and architects, another integral part in the professional field of curtain walling relies on a company’s ability to provide professional services and product support.

Tacheng has a professional team with more than 20 years of experience in curtain wall constructions. From design, project planning, extrusion, processing assembly, surface processing, to installation at the construction site, Tacheng carries the highest standards in quality control over its manufacturing system flow.